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A merciless, agonizing memory can sometimes break a person and render them incapable of facing even the commonplace without being unnerved.  

Sometimes it endows a person with near super human ability to take action in even the most savage of  circumstances.

Vic’s memory from a thousand generations past has emboldened her with the daring and determination to embark on an epic quest that may last a lifetime and on any day could take her life.  Yet she is prepared to challenge any peril and venture into any danger, known or unknown.  She has learned from her mysterious avatar Nat-ul, even when you face the gravest of threats, you need not be brave, you just need to do what needs done”

All Vic Challenger novels are family friendly.  No bad language, etc. Just a lot of non-stop action and unpredictable adventure!

A favorite musician.  Awesome.  Listen to this and you will never think violin music is boring.  Live performance of “Storm” by Vanessa Mae.

From Ann Darrow Co Publishing

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Watch the trailer for  Vic: Event, #6 in the Vic Challenger series.  Super action and adventure!

Like posters?  There are many neat poster at the Vic Challenger site.  They are free, inspirational, can be pinned or copied as pdf and printed.
Posters Here

DObridge.pdf weird.pdf

Click on these images to get the pdf of that poster.

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Nancy Drew solves her first mystery when the accidental rescue of a little girl who lives with her two great-aunts leads on an adventurous search for a missing will.

If you are not a fan you need to meet Nancy!  If you are a fan, buy a copy of the first mystery for a friend!